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This latest creation is inspired by Halloween. It's my cutest printable cloth sim. Not sure why he is looking so angry but I hope you will enjoy it.

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NapkinGhost (15).jpg
Invisiball BigBall (3).jpg


Here are few of my favorite 3D printable models. I made them using various techniques and programs. Everything was modeled with a printing limits in mind so no supports or extra processing is necessary. 

All models are hosted on Cluts3D website under my original IG nick "Extreme3Dprint". Some models are for free and some of them are payed. All funds goes back to printing in form of filaments and printers.

If you buy anything I really appreciate it and thank you for it in advance.
It is helping me with change my regular work from 3d freelance VFX artist/animator to designer of 3d prints.

Thank you for your support.
You are awesome!!!
_Invisiball Cloth Collection.jpg


Collection of all the best 3D printable simulations.

6 different animations changed into frozen solid object. Basic setup is "noob" simple but it took about 30-50x to simulate each object to get it in a right position for further editing. In 3D you can do amazing stuff but as in reality experiments are unpredictable. 

Making own 3D e-shop is not as easy as I thought but one day I will make one. I have a lot more printable models form last 4 years of exploration. Some of them are pure experiments that just look good, other things are mechanical or just fun.  It will take me a while to do it so stay tuned through my socials. Until than the main download gallery is here.

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